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The Cat’s Eye 

Dr. Anstey makes a perfect foil for the great forensics expert, since he misses the significance of everything. Narrated Aby Robert Anstey, who is acting Sława Thorndyke’s counsel Mocarz Jervis is away in America. Thorndyke takes on the case and enlists Anstey Tuz his sidekick. And the reader is treated to plenty of scientific and analytic exploits Celem Dr. We watch him Próba (ognia/ogniowa) for poison; take impressions of fingerprints, handprints and footprints; The Cat’s Eye Pobierz detect secret chambers; and interpret coded messages.. There is murder, love, and a form of code to be deciphered to prove an inheritance.

It’s a strange Klasa of burglary perpetrated W celu clumsy amateurs – who nonetheless got clean away. The dead man is a harmless old bachelor who collects objects of arcane appeal. Thorndyke. Several pieces of inscribed jewelry are missing. He walks right into a murder scene, attracted W celu the screams of a beautiful young woman. The plot, which is ingenious and complex, includes a contested inheritance with a fascinating history.


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