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The Rebrirth of Israel. Historical Documents. Volume 1. 1882-1918 

They did not accept, that their aspiration may not come true. The object of the analysis is the research on the actions provided Żeby the Jewish nation, which aim was to create independent country on the Palestine territory. Presentation of the international events gives the clear view of the Jewish nation battle over the recovery of the territory for their nation on the Palestine territory. The chronological scope of the thesis ends on the date of 1919 (volume I) and 1939 (volume II).The aim of the thesis is to present archive documents of the nation’s actions, which resulted in establishing of Israel in 1948. That is the reason why I took up the following documents:Firstly, documents of creating the country of Israel in XIX/XX century (volume I) were presented, because only Aby the prism of the indirect actions we can understand the end effect. Zionists' action connected with approval of the country of Israel, was to assure him the existence on the international arena.Concluding the herby thesis is the attempt to look at the Temat from the certain perspective, in Odznaczenie to enable to understand the undertaken actions W celu the Jewish nation, Zionists and their allies all over the world in the case of establishing independent country of Israel on the Palestine territory.. W celu Angaż of the Jewish patriots in the case there is possible to understand why so many countries were interested in the situation of the Near East.Secondly, presentation of The Rebrirth of Israel. Historical Documents. Volume 1. 1882-1918 Pobierz the situation of Palestine Aby authority of British (volume II) enabled to understand of the logical cohesion of Zionist activists' actions, which main aim was to make advantage of every arisen political opportunity, in Krzyż to realize their aim.

Presentation of the battle methods, which aim was the recovery of the country in the unambiguous way presented in the volume II of the thesis. The hereby thesis concerns the research on the rebirth of lsrael (1948). The laborious activity in creating country structures of the Israel before its origin gives the view of Zionists determination, who realized their vision in the uncompromising way. That is why, the use of the decision: United Nations on establishing of the country of Israel was accepted Celem them, even though the shape of the document was not precisely formulated.


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